Achieving National Pride:

Mostafa Assadollahi posses national pride in Graphic Design

In March 2016, he has been acknowledged as a national pride by  the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

Goldiran Case Studies:

Goldiran, an LG Company’s representative in Iran came to me and asked for a new identity for their company. After some initial discussion with Goldiran I came up with some thoughts on the style of the logo and the values that need to be presented through it. The challenge of creating a logo and making the right design decision is always enjoyable for me.

I started work sketching out my ideas for the logo, my main focus for the graphic of the logo was to display the values of Goldiran in a creative way that could be seen as an abstract mark, but also recognizable as a impactful logo.
An effective first impression and feeling about the company to the right audience is the main features of a successful logo. Something that I always take to a close consideration!!!

Persian culture for a very long time recognized sun as a symbol of power, source of energy and life, so I concentrated on drawing up a sun that flowed and twisted into the shape of flower. Flower also is welcoming and pleasant symbol, which well symbolizes the Goldiran’s core values. This flower with its 7 components, on the one hand depicts the Goldiran’s holding family companies, and on the other hand, 7 is a lucky number in Persian culture. In whole it turns to a very dynamic and meaningful logo.

Colour wise, red was an appropriate choice with it representing power, energy, and confidence in colour theory. Grey can act as a moderator and provide a clever negative and positive’s spaces around the logo. Combining both these colour concepts also helped boost the impact of the logo. The final logo combines the strong waving graphic and vivid colour scheme and the smooth shapes of the typeface making for quite an impactful design. The new logo has been launched very recently, and achieved tremendous successful feedbacks.

Maskan Bank, and Tejarat Bank Case Studies:

Nowadays, many companies and enterprises have taken a step towards re-designing and re-formatting their visual identity. Logotypes or wordmarks are logos that use typography to represent companies, organizations and products. A logotype needs to be memorable, rational, and symbolic of the company we’re representing.

In 2009, Tejarat, and Maskan Bank both realized that a big transformation in their visual identity has an utmost importance. Hence, they requested more powerful logotypes, and engaged my professional design team members and asked for their contribution. My both considering clients have a great background and an outstanding reputation in Bank Industry. Therefore, I paid a great deal of attention to provide a strategic and rationale based–not just a pretty face logotype. In other words developing a logotype, which depicts their reputation and enhances their public image is needed.

Shown here the final logotypes of Tejarat Bank and Maskan Bank. My team and I have invested two years time and efforts on this project from its early stages up to the final products.

United Nations World Food Programme’s Notebook Case Studies:

I have contribution with the United Nations Word Food programme – Fighting Hunger World Office in Tehran, and  have recently designed a notebook with a fundraising aim. It is designed to engaging the public and asking for their support of the WFP program. All Funds go directly to the WFP’s account, and will be spent on protecting vulnerable people who are suffering from hunger. This notebook will be distributed in the 2011 Academy Awards as part of the Oscar’s gift baggy. It will become also available for purchase in the book store globally.

Day bank Case Studies:

Day Bank was established in May 2009. As a creative director and promotion consultant, my responsibilities, during this one-year project, included conceptualizing and designing the look of all communications for Day Bank. An important part of the project was to create a powerful and memorable logo that defines Day Bank’s identity. This logo had to enhance the bank's image and give it an advantage over its competition. To achieve this, my team and I focused on the firm’s strategic goals and needs. Day Bank’s logo functions at the heart of its advertising campaign and, therefore, it must stand out. The most crucial steps in creating Day Bank’s logo came in the early stages. I considered three important factors that would produce a successful logo:

• Simplicity    • Memorability    • Color

The identity for Day Bank’s campaign began with the infinity motif shown here. The infinity icon is certainly one of the most recognized in the world, symbolizing from its beginning the idea of the ultimate and the unlimited.  When I began to create the logo, I based it on the two letters of Day in the Persian alphabet.

According to an ancient Persian belief, day originated when both water and sky were born. Therefore Persian blue was chosen for Day Bank’s  identity.

Shown below is the full process of designing Day Bank’s logo and color scheme. Its electronic bank cards, cheque books, signage, and ads are included in the following pages.

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